The Ungar Lab has exciting research being presented at two conferences this semester. See below:

International Association of Dental Research Conference:

Hara, Anderson T., Livengood, Sarah V., Lippert, Frank, Eckert, George J., Ungar, Peter S.
Surface micro-morphology characterization of simulated dental erosion and erosion-abrasion lesions.
Presentation at International Association for Dental Research, March 11-14, Boston, MA.

American Association of Physical Anthropologists 84th Annual Meeting:

Delezene, Lucas K., Teaford, Mark F., Livengood, Sarah V., Ungar, Peter S.
Analysis of incisor microwear in five genera of platyrrhine primates.
Poster presented at American Association of Physical Anthropologists, March 25-29, St. Louis, MO.