Research from the Ungar Lab will be presented at this year’s American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA). The presentations and researchers are listed below. For abstracts you can browse the AAPA 83rd Annual Meeting Program.
Dental Anthropology: Diet’s, Dentitions and Wear in Nonhuman Primates Session
A molar microwear texture analysis of pitheciid primates. A.J. RAGNI, M.F. TEAFORD, P.S. UNGAR
Differentiating diets of New World Monkeys using dental topographic analysis. C.A. HEALY, A.K. ARME, M. FORTELIUS, P.S. UNGAR.
The Role of Mosaic Habitats in Hominin Evolution Session
Shrew and rodent incisor microwear textures as a proxy for paleoenvironmental reconstruction. S.S. CAPORALE, C.B. WITHNELL, P.S. UNGAR