The Ungar lab has been extremely busy! Below is a list of funding and publications since January 2015 with more to come.



Peter Ungar (Principal Investigator) National Science Foundation. Collaborative Proposal: Hazda Dental Health and the Transition from Foraging to Agriculture

Sarah Livengood (Principal Investigator) Sigma Xi Committee on Grants-in-Aid of Research. Dental Microwear of the Hadza: Implications for the Evolution of Human Diet


Hua, L.C.; Brandt, E.T; Meullenet, J.-F.; Zhou, Z.R.; Ungar, P.S. Technical Note: An in vitro study of dental microwear formation using the BITE Master II chewing machine. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Early view online.

Xia, J.; Zheng, J.; Huang, D., Tian, Z.R.; Chen, L.; Zhou, Z., Ungar, P.S.; Qian, L. A new model to explain tooth wear with implications for microwear formation and diet reconstruction. . PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, USA, 2015.

Ungar, P.S. Primate teeth and plant fracture properties. NATURE EDUCATION KNOWLEDGE, 6(7):3, 2015.

Ungar, P.S. Mammalian dental function and wear. BIOSUFACE AND BIOTRIBOLOGY, 1:25-41, 2015.

Shearer, B.M.; Ungar, P.S.; McNulty, K.P., Harcourt-Smith, W.; Dunsworth, H.M. Teaford, M.F. Dental microwear profilometry of African non-cercopithecoid catarrhines of the Early Miocene. JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION. JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, 78:33-43, 2015.